The Patuxent Partnership is supporting NAWCAD in planning an Industry Day on Wednesday, October 25, at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center. 

By taking 5 minutes to complete this survey, you can help us best meet the needs of attendees through the day's agenda.

My company is located:

During Industry Day, the following topics will be addressed: 
- Systems engineering transformation
- New projects with AIRWorks
- Opportunities for small business
- Ongoing acquisition initiatives & emphasis areas
- FY18 draft NDAA initiatives

What, if any, additional topics are you interested in learning about?

I feel my company is unable to bid AIRWorks projects due to OEM agreements with program offices that prevent third-party contracts.

How often would you participate in one-on-ones?

If you have participated before, please rate the overall value of the one-on-one sessions:

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Please provide general feedback or suggestions, if any:

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We hope to see you on October 25!

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