Identifying Solutions to Warfighter Challenges through Technology and Innovation
Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Address: Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center, 155 Holiday Dr, Solomons, MD 20688

The Patuxent Partnership will be hosting a one-day Pax River Research and Development Tech Demo Day on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center. This application is for companies interested in exhibiting at the event. Please fill out the following form and provide as much detail as possible about your company by June 14th.
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Why Exhibit? The invitation to exhibit at The Patuxent Partnership program, “Identifying Solutions to Warfighter Challenges through Technology and Innovation” is open to all interested organizations. Take this opportunity to present your organization’s products and services to potential partners and key government decision-makers. Exhibitor logos will be displayed in the event program and on the event landing page.

Exhibit Date Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center, 155 Holiday Dr, Solomons, MD 20688. Just across the Thomas Johnson Bridge in Calvert County. 

Exhibit Booth Size 8’ wide x 4’ deep.

Exhibit may not exceed 8’ (2.44m) in height or width, including signage.

Electrical Power
Electrical power must be requested with advance request included in this completed Application and Agreement and will be available on a first come, first-served basis. Exhibitor must provide power strips and extension cords. Facility Information Free Wi-Fi throughout the facility; the facility is ADA-compliant; free parking. Advance space reservation for handicap parking is recommended with advance request included in this completed Application and Agreement.

General Information
No balloons, open flames, or candles are permitted in exhibit areas. Items left out in the exhibit areas in the Gallery and corridors are not secure.

Exhibit Hours
Exhibitor move-in and set up: Tuesday, June 27; 4:00 – 6:00 pm Wednesday, June 28; 7:00-8:00 am Exhibit hours: Wednesday, June 28; 8:00am – 4:30 pm
Dismantle and move out: Wednesday, June 28; 4:30-5:00 pm

Note: Please make the necessary arrangements as there is no early dismantle or move out time.

The agenda will be updated regularly; to view the latest agenda and speakers’ bios, go to www. All information on The Patuxent Partnership website is considered proprietary. The Patuxent Partnership does not and will not give, sell, or rent any exhibitor information maintained by our website to any party for the purposes of initiating or enabling others to initiate electronic mail messages. All parties found soliciting or harvesting addresses will be dealt with in accordance with the current CAN-SPAM Act.

Program Points of Contact
Cyndi Deppe
Mari Rondeau 301-866-4096 ext. 308

Exhibitors Rules & Regulations
Please review the agreement for exhibit space.

Organizer. The term “Organizer” as used herein shall mean the sponsoring organizations or its officers, agents or employees acting for it, in the management of the symposium and exhibits. The Organizer is The Patuxent Partnership. 

Agreement. The exhibitor agrees to abide by the rules and regulations cited before, during and after the program, and by other reasonable rules considered necessary by the Organizer or the Holiday Inn Solomons, provided that these rules do not materially alter the exhibitor’s contractual rights. All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are the decision of the Organizer. These regulations may be amended at any time by the Organizer, and all amendments that may be made shall be equally binding upon publication of all parties affected by them, as are the original regulations. The application to exhibit at the program and any agreement incorporated in it shall be governed by the laws of St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

The Organizer is hereby authorized to reserve space for our use in the exhibit area at Holiday Inn Solomons for the Cyber program. We are submitting full payment for each exhibit space requested. We agree to abide by the exhibit cancellation terms and all requirements, restrictions and obligations mentioned in the Application and Agreement and any future rules provided in writing by the symposium organizers or its representatives. 

Exhibit Eligibility/Character of Exhibit. The Organizer reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the exhibit. The character of all exhibits is subject to the approval of the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse contracts that do not meet standards and to curtail exhibits or parts thereof that do not appropriately reflect the character of the program. This right applies to persons, conduct, and articles of merchandise, printed matter, souvenirs, catalogs and any other items, without limitations, that affect the character of the exhibit. Exhibits are restricted to products and services related to the nature of the Cyber program.

Space Assignment. Exhibitors preferring to avoid exhibiting adjacent to other specifically named exhibitors should so indicate on their agreement. Exhibitors with business/professional affiliations or subsidiaries of parent companies who desire assignments together in the exhibit hall should submit the agreement together, either as one application or as one request. A request including why the booths should be assigned together should accompany the application(s). 

Assignment of such space (for purposes of ranking exhibit requests) will be based on the largest booth exhibitor within the grouping. The Organizer reserves the right to limit or deny such requests. Assignment of exhibit space is made by a first come, first-served basis. Priority of space assignment will be based on the date and time the application and payment are received. Exhibit booth payment can be made by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

The Organizer reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan or to relocate booths.

Exhibit Workers. All exhibitor workers agree to provide ID to match their registration information and wear program badge identifying them properly. If you require additional exhibitors, please register them as attendees.

Camera/Recording Equipment. Unauthorized photography, video, audio and other recording devices will not be permitted in the presentation rooms and/or exhibit hall. Exhibitors are responsible for the appropriate handling of technical information presented in their space. Please review your policy documents and that of the government agencies with whom you contract regarding open/limited/restricted distribution and sharing limitations.

Payment Terms. Exhibit space will be confirmed by TPP after receipt of the contract with full payment. All payments must be made by using check or approved credit card.

Cancellation Terms. Exhibitors canceling before June 21 COB will receive a check for 50% refund of their booth reservation fee. After June 21 COB (5pm EDT), no refunds will be issued. Organizations must notify the Organizer in writing of any exhibit cancellation. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel this agreement in any event, on written notice to applicant.

Selling on Tradeshow Floor. NO cash and carry sale of goods is permitted from an exhibit booth or in the exhibit facility. Exhibitors found participating in this action, will be removed and no monies will be returned for booth fees.

Defacing of Building. Displays and exhibits cannot be fastened to building floors or walls, and Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused by fastening displays or fixtures to the building floors, walls, or to the standard booth equipment, or damage caused in any other manner. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive or any other coating to the building walls and floors or to standard booth equipment.

Other Rules and Regulations. Exhibitor agrees to abide by all other reasonable rules and regulations as provided in writing by the Organizer. Persons submitting this agreement and payment acknowledge that they are authorized to submit this agreement and agree to the terms contained herein.

Amendment to Rules. Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of the Organizer. The Organizer may amend these rules and regulations at any time and all amendments so made shall be binding on exhibitors equally with the foregoing rules and regulations.

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